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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dragonmaster Goes Hollywood!

Actually, Mortals, I've gone Hollywood almost from the moment I encountered ol' Poopstar --- a/k/a Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog! And see you what hath happen'd to this foolish ol' beetlehead since then: Triumph's Come Poop w/Me album got nominated for the Best Comedy Album Grammy; each year here in the ol' Diary, I bring you my impressions of Oscar Night, in Blackwolf @ the Oscars; and, of course, I try to see what's going on in the world of Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Productions! (Besides, Brooks Arthur is a friend, and will only chat with me when he has the time to do so. You have to know how to be fast-paced in Hollywood.)

But I owe my lessons in the art and science of Hollywood savvy to no less than His Swedish Majesty, King Johannes III Gustavus Vasa --- a/k/a Ole Olausson, Founding Guildmaster of the Guild of St. Olaf's of Whittier, California (where, oddly enough, much of Cannon Films' live-action Masters of the Universe movie was shot). He it was who, in a sense, clued your humble Dragonmaster in as to whom to know, whom to do lunch with, and how to avoid unexpected appearances on Entertainment Tonight and/or Access Hollywood. Thus far, the formula hath work'd spectacularly!

But this week, as the Seventh Annual Tribeca Film Festival will surely demonstrate, I shall clearly have do more than simply be on my toesies if I'm to have any chance of avoiding the pesky party animals, etc. You already know by now how I feel re Ryan Seacrest; I need not sound like ye obligatory broken record. Nonetheless, I gotta party down as desperately as the next dude, y'know! Having Hollywood savvy can do that to you, my dears.

Master Blackwolf