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Friday, October 28, 2005

'Twas the Weekend Before Halloween!

Hi there, Mortals! As of Monday, I shall stop accepting submissions for my Twilight Zone Nightmares contest thingie, so those of you who wanted to send stuff, you're a teensy bit late! And since I didn't get my top five to begin with, well, maybe next Halloween!

Right now, though, here's a brief review of the must-have holiday book of November: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: The Novel, by Lou Harry, based upon the Screenplay by Glenville Mareth and Story by Paul Jacobson; published by Roadside Attractions/Chamberlin Bros./Penguin Group USA. Using approximately 98% of the verbatim text from the original motion picture, author/film buff Harry presents his new telling of this hilarious story from the perspective of Girmar --- or, more exactly, a Girmar who is part Valley Girl teen, part grown-up. Nonetheless, we learn at one point in "her" version of the narrative that she has succeeded her father Kimar as ruler of Mars; and that she battled the Venusians who wanted to filch the brainless Kringle clone, Dropo, from the Red Planet.

I laughed out loud when I read the book; alas, author Harry loses points for not including the complete lyrics for the film's annoying theme song, "Hooray for Santy Claus," co-written by the movie's composer, Milton Delugg. Hopefully, the publishers will see fit to include the full lyrics in subsequent printings.

As for me, I shall be out of touch for a while, as I have to bathe for an extended period --- then I must mentally prepare meself to follow the freaks at the 32nd Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade; and then, I got an additional two days' rest before I report to Town Hall, so that that rotten Rottweiler can poop on yours truly, as part of the second New York Comedy Festival!

Beyond that, Master Richard goes Kringle mode for the rest of November. The 20th Anniversary of the Alexander & Ilya Salkind Production Santa Claus: The Movie will be very much on the mind of me Mortal-born alter ego, and shouldst thou have words wi' him about it, please visit his Santa shrine,

Later, ye Magecraft-lovin' maniacs! I'm outta here.

Master Blackwolf