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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Finally, a chance to slow down a little!

Kids, here's a little bit of Wizardly advice from ol' Master Blackwolf: Never let the forces of silliness drive ye up the wall, lest they catch up to ye! I can tell you, things have been remarkably crazy hither within me Dark Chambers. How crazy, you ask? Know this: yesterday, I had hoped to propose a proper toast to Their Merry Majesties of Mardi Gras, the 2005 Rex, King of Carnival, Michael Rapier, and his Queen, Anna LeCorgne; alas, I could not do so, as I had to deal with several domestic situations re the status of mine humble hovel --- a/k/a Master Richard's apartment!

Certain sillies had decided that the intercom box in the said apartment needed a proper upgrade; accordingly, they sent a few .... er, intruders to do the job. Aye, I did have to let them in. They went to lunch afterwards, and I then presumed that htey would return to finish their day's task. They did not. Well, no sweat off this old Mage's back. One can always figure things out for oneself, I always say.

Anyway, now that things are as close to back to normal as I'd like thme to be, I can now focus my energies on the Staples Center in Hollywood, where Sunday evening's 47th Annual Grammy Awards are about to go down. As you know by now, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's Come Poop w/Me, featuring yours truly, is one of the five nominees in the category Best Comedy Album; if I have not done so already; let me recap for you our distinguished competition:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents "America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction", Jon Stewart and Members of the Cast of The Daily Show; Ellen DeGeneres, The Funny Thing is.....; David Sedaris: Live @ Carnegie Hall; and Al Franken, The O'Franken Factor Factor: The Very Best of "The O'Franken Factor". Now I ask you: is that a distinguished lineup or what?

Yes, I be a semi-greedy bastard about this particular category, so I guess I'll just come right out and say it: I want, I need, I gotta gotta gotta have the fresh hound win this baby, by Merlin's beard! (Primal scream at this juncture.) Besides, it furthers my ego trip. One can only go so far with one's ego. Beware, lest you encounter others who would beat ye to a pulp with their own egos! Well, you'll just have to log on and see what happens next. Besides, methinks Triumph was right --- that if this indeed is how nerdly a Lord of the Rings nerd can get when unsupervised .... baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet! Heh-heh!

More next time!

Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf