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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why Blackwolf and Mark Levin Are the Only Ones Who Get It!

I wonder, don't you, dear Mortals, if there's anyone else other than myself and Mark Levin who seem to understand the current state of our world around here. Since your humble Dragonmaster started listening to Mark's radio show, I have found that the man, despite the fact that he does have a tendency to be quite rude, knows the truth when it comes to the present condition of us vs. them.

These fools from World Can't have blinded themselves into blaming Dubya and Cheney for this, that and the other thing --- even as the President of Iran, perhaps the most dangerous man in a thousand generations, sets foot on the soil of mine adopted metropolis, and dares to rant at the United Nations General Assembly about just how rotten we, the U.S., are --- and yet, World Can't and others of their ilk are of the mind that there shall have no peace until the stench of Bush no longer permeates the White House! I think, dearies, that it's high time someone had the chutzpah to remind you Mortals what we're up against here. Bottom line: this War on Terror, for that is precisely what it is, and nothing else, pits the destiny of Western Civilization as we know it against an enemy that WILL STOP AT NOTHING to achieve its long-range goal: that of twisting Islam into a sick and blood-splattered image that would see these Islamonazis, as Mark and his fellow talk-radio colleagues refer to them, conquering our civilized world!

Should these fools fulfill that long-range goal, we who truly believe in Freedom will be unable to speak our free minds ..... we will be unable to worship God in our own way .... we will be unable to walk down the Main Streets of our hometowns with our loved ones by our side!

Mark Levin is the one true person on talk radio, as you Mortals call it, who, like your Dragonmaster, is capable of getting it. I strongly urge you to listen to his program, or failing that, to visit You will find, I believe, that he knows what is truly at stake when it comes to rescuing the free world from the scourge of war, which may yet again --- and which may even now --- bring untold sorrow to our generation. Unless, of course, we dare to wake up and tell ourselves the truth.

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Master Blackwolf