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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Brief Update for All the Fans of the Diary!

Greetings, Mortals! (Damn, it's been aeons since last I sald that.)

Alright, kids, let's do this and make it short and to the point: I am Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, New York City's Unofficial Wizard. Welcome to my fabulous Diary of Magecraft, where I share the secrets of over 4800 years of working this wiz biz --- as well as adjusting to life in modern-day New York, or, as I prefer to call it, ye Byg Appyl.

Now pay attention, for there's much to grumble about to you: For the first two weeks of March, I've had to have the walls of my bedchambers in my humble hovel, a/k/a my apartment replastered and renovated. That has been accomplished; sadly, I've had to lose my landline phone connection as a result. The reason: the battery in the cell phone I've been using simply died on me. So I now must journey outside, on foot if need be, or make an attempt to use other computer terminals (luckily, the Apple Store Lincoln Center gives me lots of opportunities for this, despite the fact that I may not have much to time to do stuff).

In any case, the post-production phase of my documentary movie, Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard, has been severely interfered with. And in my humble opinion, that's a major-league no-no. Indeed, we had to bloody miss the deadline for submissions to the Tribeca Film Festival because of this whole crap with me bloomin' apartment! Do you suppose I'm happy about that? WRONG!

Oh yeah, I no longer have me old rickety bookshelf, which I was forced to destroy; currently, however, dearest Rachel Kadushin has seen fit to come to my rescue and arrange to secure me a replacement bookshelf. Even so, I may have to deal with those fools at the Home Depot, because I sure as hell ain't wastin' me breath as far as visiting the Ikea store in Paramus goes, pal!

Turning to the world of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, which I also had to miss out on (Damn!), Rex 2011 and his dear Queen took the Mortal forms of Herschel Abbott, Jr. and Jane White. has the full 411 regarding Their Merry Majesties; and their big night together, the Rex Ball and Meeting of the Courts of Rex and Comus, is out on DVD from the folks best prepared to cover it: WYES-TV/HD, Nawluns' PBS home.

Lastly, there's the Imperial Court of New York to give a proper shout-out to, for this coming Saturday, the Silver Anniversary Night of a Thousand Gowns Dinner Dance, Charity Ball and Silent Auction gives Times Square's Marriott Marquis Hotel Ballroom its most dazzling evening party in memory. It also, of course, means that dear Emperor Jack and Empress Farrah Moans will, on the stroke of midnight, take the posts of Count and Countess, whilst the new Emperor and Empress, Vanity Society and Pepperica Swirl, will officially take the Thrones! Huzzah! Alas, I once more shall not be with them, for, it being a Saturday night, I shall of course be home, getting me Cops/AMW fix for the week. I shall, however, greet Their newly-crowned Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties at the Easter Parade on Fifth; they'll usually strut their stuff around noontime.

Speaking of the Easter Parade, I know that Rapid T. Rabbit and his cronies will show their ugly mugs, too. I thought they were cool in time of yore; well, we're enemies now, so expect a big frowny-faced stare from me and my Dragon partner, Sir Aragorn! Sir Aragorn was presented to me by King Tiberias of Jerusalem, and is a graduate of the Royal Scottish Dragon Academy to serve as my loyal partner and fearless fiery friend. I'll be taking him to the Tartan Saturday Afternoon Parade before we do the Easter Parade, so he can remember what his heritage is, so look for an update soon.

Oh yeah, I owe you guys an Oscar Night chronicle, don't I? Yes, I do --- but you'll not get it this day. Not right away, anyway. I'll just have to make time for it soon. Please, dearests, bear with this foolish old Dragonmaster as I battle in mine own way to uncomplicate things as best I can without so much as blowing me Wizardly top!

As ever, I remain,

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf