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Friday, November 11, 2005


Well, Mortals, the week is nearly over --- and I got a whole mess of giggles, courtesy of Wednesday's New York Post front page, one of the funniest I've ever seen. Needless to say, your Dragonmaster now has a sudden desire to be like Mike. A joy it is, my friends, knowing that the second four years of Pax Bloomberg begin on New Year's Day; I have a feeling that City Hall Park will be quite packed!

Meanwhile, there is a considerable amount of kvetching from La-La Land re the fortunes of Dubya. I had the pleasure of reading the brief excerpt from Streisand's blog on the fall of the present administration; I hear Donald Sutherland burst into tears when an interviewer asked him for his take on the situation. "He's going to destroy us," Sutherland sobbed. My goodness, it seems that there are a whole plethora of Hollywood legends who want Bushie boy's head on a lance! (Icky-poo!) As for me, I can only say that I must agree with ol' Yentl on this one.

There comes a time when you have to figure that the President of the United States may be popular one moment, only to be classified as yesterday's news the next. It is, I fear, a cycle that has gone on unchecked since the days of Watergate; alas, I see no end to it in sight, not even in mine own Wizardly lifetime. The next occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be burdened with battling the thin line between love and hate that has long sealed the fate of every American Presidency from Nixon onwards. Never have I seen the cries for revolution so bold as I have with this particular President! Is it any wonder, then, that, as the Daily News reported yesterday, that our Bloomberg has made it clear that, once his second term is over, he's going back to his old philanthropic ways --- and, by extension, one hopes, back to ruling the company that still bears his name, Bloomberg, L.P.

For now, however, your Dragonmaster is happy to have Mike back as the Mayor of New York City; and will accordingly toast ye with whatever mead you are worthy of. I hope, too, that, should the occasion arise, that the Mayor and I should meet face-to-face one of these days. No specific reason, dear friends. The simple thrill of doing the photo op would do very nicely, thank you very much.

Master Blackwolf