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Thursday, May 22, 2008

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The Grail Knight on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Well, Mortals, looks like ol' Blackwolf has scored yet another world exclusive: From the sanctuary where he first met our favorite adventurer/archeologist, the Grail Knight from Lucasfilm's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade shares his own personal assessments on the fourth movie in Indy's saga, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which opens in theatres today:

Welcome once more to my sanctuary, Mortal souls. I am the last of the Three Brothers who of old swore an oath to defend the Holy Grail --- and ever since my rediscovery at the hands of one Professor Henry Jones, Jr. --- Indy, as, if I recall correctly, he prefers to be called --- I have not been idle in my subsequent rediscovery of the world and her affairs. Many events and objects have surfaced and resurfaced since I began catching up on modern-day history, and the most current of these, I have learnt a few scant hours ago, concerns Indy's long-awaited return to the public eye. I remember quite well the day when Indy stumbled into my domain, unaware that he had been tracked by Dr. Ilsa Schneider and Dr. Walter Donovan, who sought the image of the Grail in a bid to use it for their own selfish ends. The two doctors, alas, did not choose wisely. Indy, on the other hand, did.

And now I would ask you Mortals to choose wisely as well --- only this time, I would ask that you choose wisely concerning the said return of Indiana Jones to the limelight. The new adventure is entitled Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; and while I am aware that the new tale is a bit far-fetched, if not entirely believable, its simple purpose is to inspire you who would see it --- and I do urge you to see it and judge for yourselves --- to make up your own minds about the future of our world. While the events depicted take us into the heart of the 1950's, the simple truths which were in vogue during Indy's three previous motion picture adventures remain constant even now: namely, that the world must battle again in the name of the forces of Hope, so that the future may again belong to our heirs ..... the children of the world.

Honor and Justice are two of the many virtues Mankind is sadly lacking in. When I met Indiana Jones that day so long ago, I was certain that he, too, would be lacking in those two important tenets. How thankful I am now that I was wrong. When you see the movie, which I hope you will, I have no doubt that you'll agree.

Well, gang, there you have it --- straight from the lips of one of the many casual participants in the adventures of Indiana Jones. I think that the Grail Knight wanted to say --- in a rather dignified manner, of course, was what your Dragonmaster told you in our last entry here in the ol' Diary of Magecraft, "A Tale of Two Indys," which was, putting it a bit more bluntly: Shut up and go see the damn movie! Now!

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