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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dragonmaster's Writer's Block

E.B. White once wrote in his Charlotte's Web, "When your stomach is empty and your mind is full, it's sort of hard to sleep." That's certainly the truth when you've basically run out of things to say, as apparently your humble Dragonmaster has run out of things to type this Thursday. I believe this is what you Mortals call "writer's block."

By Merlin's beard, there's just so bloomin' much I want to free from me brain, but can't! Blogging is at best an adventure in spelling and at worst a typographer's nightmare. Yet when I chose nearly two years ago to join the community of bloggers, I did so wondering whether or not I could properly expand me role as ye Byg Appyl's Unofficial Mage..... and have I succeeded? Probably. Still, my immediate concern has to do with confirming the date for 2006 FDNY Medal Day --- and I suppose my only chance of finding out lies with checking out the FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums' upcoming events page --- which, frankly, I should have done in the first place! Drat!

Battling to answer all sorts of questions and trying to keep things totally under control --- oooh, how I wish I could put all this in its proper perspective! Well, anyway --- I guess I'll pay Lordi's pages one more visit; as you know, their Hard Rock Hallelujah hits the streets on Tuesday --- 06/06/06 (ick!); needless to say, the Devil will be happiest of all that day. Accordingly, I will allow the Dark One the luxury of Guest Blogging here in the Diary of Magecraft on that day as well, so as not to offend Master Richard's friends. Another testament, I think, to my continued loyalty to my dearest Mumsey!

Master Blackwolf