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As New York's Unofficial Wizard, my mission is to encourage the Mortals of Manhattan to imagine responsibly!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Greetings to Our First-Time Visitors!

Welcome, Mortals, to my incredible awesome and delicious world!

With today's post, I, Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, Duke and First Marquess of the Region of Talisker, Philosopher of the Internet, Lord High Mage of the Hard Drive, Conqueror of Thaumaturgic Technology, and Unofficial Mage and Sorcerer-in-Residence unto the Mortalfolk of the City, County and State of New York, do herewith begin this, my fifth year as a member in good standing of the World Community of Bloggers. I began this Diary of Magecraft in August 2004; and I gotta tell ya, the ride thus far has been quite fascinating!

I've seen a lot of unusual sights, met all sorts of interesting people, and done so many unexpected things! Even now, as I inscribe these words to you who are visiting me for the first time, I find it a bit difficult simply making sense of it all. But I remember, too, that my seven Wizardly superiors, the Grand High Istari, did not send me here to this dimension just so I could have a good time. I've got a mission to fulfill here, kiddos; and in case you tuned in late, let me take a moment to explain that mission:

My job is to encourage my fellow New Yorkers to use their imaginations responsibly and meaningfully. My methods may be somewhat unorthodox in the achievement of that objective, but as the only Wizard who dares kick butt for mine adopted metropolis on a 24/7/365 basis, it remains a battle that I absolutely mean to win!

Still, even a Wizard needs some help adjusting to life in ye Byg Appyl these days --- which, of course, is where YOU come in. Don't hesitate to write, phone or e-mail me with your questions, comments, ideas, suggestions and occasional insults. Please address all correspondence to:

c/o Electric Pirates Entertainment, Inc./EPE Holdings, Inc.
Suite # 14-E, 15948 Harlem River Drive
New York, NY 10039-1012 USA

Putting out all my info has, over the aeons, taken a good deal of the wind out of me Wizardly sails, that much is certain --- but know ye this, good Mortals: I do my darndest every day to maintain the Planet's grip on the Forces of Niceness any bloomin' way I can! And I herewith invite you all to join me!

Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf