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Monday, July 27, 2009

It's the End of the World As We Know It, But This Dragonmaster Ain't Feelin' the Love Tonight.......

"So, Master Blackwolf, how didst thou spend thy birthday?" I sense you Mortals asking me. Well, let's put it this way: the Planet hath gone bonkers on your humble Dragonmaster, and believe me, it ain't pretty!

Look, you know you've lost faith in the White House when the President of the United States proposes to bring together renowned Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Cambridge, Mass. Police Sergeant Jim Crowley together for the purposes of settling their differences over a beer, the idea being to put the kibosh on the controversy which has raged since the Sergeant arrested Professor Gates the other night for simply trying to get into his own bloomin' house!

Oh yeah, like the leaders of the civilized world can settle their differences with da bad guys over a common brewski! By Merlin's beard, do you honestly believe that Miller time can save the world?

Meanwhile, the Naked Cowboy decides he's twisted enough to want to run for Mayor of New York City. Apparently, that ain't the case, because no sooner does the Naked One's press conference end than no less a silly person than Reverend Billy, he of the Church of Stop Shopping, throws his own hat into ye olde Mayoral Quest! Aack!!!

Frankly, Mortals, it's times like these that I wish Susan Powter were back in ye spotlyghte! Her noble Quest to Stop the Insanity! is legend amongst us Magic-users; indeed, I had planned today to e-mail the anti-drug Stop the Madness! music video to most of my friends within and beyond cyberspace, but here's the bloomin' URL, so you can see it for yourselves and jolly well learn something:

Master Blackwolf