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Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Guest Blogger: Blackbeard the Pirate!

Well, Mortals, here we be: 2008 International Talk Like a Pirate Weekend is upon us --- and I think there be but one beastly Buccaneer worth lissenin' to! That said, pray, take it away, Cap'n Blackbeard!

Alright, ye blarsted dogs, ye 'eard the Dragonmaster! Talk Like a Pirate Day is here --- and since this 'ere be the 23rd year since young Richard first set foot inta th' Pirate world, methought ye landlubbers would like ta hear the full text of the Electric Pirates Entertainment Mission Statement. So shut up an' pay attention:

As duly-authorized representatives of the American entertainment community, Electric Pirates Entertainment, Inc., founded by Richard Washington in the City, County and State of New York on the Nineteenth day of July, Nineteen Hundred Eighty-six, herewith resolves to dedicate its employees, products and services to the achievement of the following basic goals:

To seek out the weird, the wild, and the misunderstood in all facets of the entertainment community.

To provide both a safe haven and a nurturing home for imaginative projects considered unrealizable by others.

To restore the joy of creativity and imagination to the motion picture, television, and electronic media industries.

Now, be that a Mission Statement or be that a Mission Statement? We share it wi' ya here this Talk Like a Pirate Day becuz it be time ta recognize our Brethren and Sisters o' th' Coast fer their efforts ta bring the glory of Piratedom back to the world! In this light, three men be most responsible for such crude, unusual behavior: Johnny Depp, ferever n' always our one true Cap'n Jack Sparrow; and, needless to say, the true saviours o' th' Pirate Universe --- th' Founders o' Talk Like a Pirate Day themselves, Cap'n Slappy an' Ol' Chumbucket! As I scribble these 'ere remarks, the boys be in Philly town, as guests o' one Ben Franklin --- where, one hopes, they finds great treasure plunderin', pillaging, and makin' Pirate fans across the cosmos happy.

A toast to all then, what dare sail 'neath the black banner o' the Jolly Roger! Me beloved boat, th' Queen Anne's Revenge, be 'enceforth welcome to any an' all what wants to join up wi' me crew! Aargh!

Yers etc.,
Corporate Mascot and Principal Spokespirate
Electric Pirates Entertainment, Inc./EPE Holdings, Inc.
New York City, USA