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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Some Final Musings Prior to ye Byg Gaeme

Tonight, CBS Sports lead anchor Jim Nantz will count down the 40 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time. One has to wonder why.

Some of us, I suppose, specifically my pals over at No Quarter Given Magazine, have never forgiven CBS Sports for denying the Gasparilla Pirate Festival and Parade the national exposure that it deserved the year Raymond James Stadium hosted the Super Bowl; a few years later, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their Vince Lombardi Trophy, I can imagine that NQG and the Gasparillans got their revenge!

Nevertheless, your humble Dragonmaster could not leave this boldest and most sacred of sporting events unblogg'd hither within me Diary of Magecraft; so, if ye wouldst, pray indulge me as I share with ye mine observations on ye Byg Gaeme.

Admittedly, as you already know, I have made a few very important friends thanks to the NFL: Ragnar the Viking, for example, he who bleedeth the purple and gold of the Minnesota Vikings; Brian K. Maas and his Family, a/k/a the Cheer or Die Family; and of course, Rocky the Colorado Leprechaun, who, with the equally legendary Barrel Man, just can't stop lovin' them Broncos!

Regardless, there has been a love/hate relationship I particularly have had with the Super Bowl. Half of me wonders why, in real time, the TV coverage requires one to endure 13 or more hours of whatever; whereas the other half wonders why we don't treat it as the football game that it's supposed to be, and be done with it. Ultimately, I find that, when all is said and done, you Mortals just cannot live without the Super Bowl. It is, I imagine, the most powerful game in the Multiverse. Power is, I think, the operative word here. And even when we've finnally crowned a champion, there can be no breathing room, for this coming Friday, the 20th Olympic Winter Games take place in Turin, Italy; and I think that, were I a betting Mage, the best places to watch the Opening Ceremonies, uninterrupted and free of commentary, would be Canada's CBC and, needless to say, the network of the host nation of Italy, RAI. Pity that we will not have access to such uninterrupted coverage here in the States (Bob Costas I can take; please do not team him up with Katie Couric again, Dick Ebersol!).

Still, the next several days will be quite the emotional rollercoaster; I only pray I can emerge from it unscathed.

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