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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mopin' about the Mimzy

Aye, Mortals! The Last Mimzy, eh? The advertising for this so-called environmentally friendly children's film tells you that it comes from "the producer of Close Encounters of the Third Kind." You who, like your Dragonmaster, continue to champion our beloved Peter Jackson, know better. Know this, then, Bob Shaye: You couldn't direct your bloomin' way out of the Twilight Zone to save thy doggone soul, says I! Which is to say: Don't quit yer day job!

I wonder what my colleagues at Ain't It Cool have to say concerning New Line Cinema's founding father making his directorial debut. I, for one, hope it's a whole bunch of insults! You see, loyal fans of the Mage of Talisker (that's me), there are a good many of us who will neither forgive nor forget how Bob Shaye screwed our Peter Jackson --- who, I suspect, is back home in Wellington, nursing his slightly wounded pride. Frankly, I'd like to see this 40th anniversary video Bob was planning for myself. Like as not, Bob probably directed the damn thing himself too, if only to challenge himself. As ever, nothing surprises your Dragonmaster!

Bottom line: Fie on ye, Bob Shaye! May your directorial career go down in flames! (Evil sneer!)

Master Blackwolf