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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Mortal Behind the Beard: Richard's Mundane Page

The Mortal Behind the Beard: Richard's Mundane Page

Blackwolf's Banners!

Blackwolf's Banners!

Blackwolf's Webrings!

Blackwolf's Webrings!

Blackwolf's Gallery, Episode Five!

Mary Ann Jung as Elizabeth I, granting a special boon to one of her junior subjects!

From the files of Laura Gilbreath's Travels w/ los Tres Reyes Magos, according to Disney's Epcot. Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar certainly know a thing or two about Christmas magic in Mexico!

Ralph Archbold, America's Quintessential Ben Franklin, who, of course, married Betsy Ross a while back. Still wondering where they spent their (obviously patrotic) honeymoon......

Of course, like our Exalted Father Merlin, this be one Mage what needeth no introduction! (I still miss the ol' sock-lovin' goat! [Sniffle!])

Janna Casstevens-Lewis as Queen Margaret of Scotland and the Isles, she who granted me the Dukedom of Talisker. Doubtless, she, too, must know of my current situation! Shame on you, Blackwolf, for not even letting Queen Mags know!

King Richard and Queen Eleanor again. Look, it's a KCRF thing.

More to come!

Dragonmaster Becomes Wild Man Blackwolf!

Y'know, kids, when I start going bonkers on occasion, I always make it my business to let you know precisely why I go bonkers. Today, alas, is no exception.

Know, then, that today --- while fighting to maintain my grip on my dignity --- some female twit with a walkie-talkie dared to rant at me as I was struggling to get my stuff out of my bag --- because, for one thing, you're dealing with 90-degree temperatures out there, and the last thing you need is some walkie-talkie-wielding female twit yelling at you while you're fighting to stay alive!

Momentary disorientation is one thing, dearests, but you certainly do want people to yell at you as you're battling for your life. It's simply un-kosher, dear children. Hence, the emergence of Wild Man Blackwolf --- the darker side of your humble Dragonmaster ... a side which is, I must sadly explain, a side effect of my former werewolf status. Be thankful that it comes and goes at will. Or, to be more blunt about it, this is where I end up doing the Bill Bixby rant thing and saying: "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

More grrrrrrrrrrrrr! to come!

Master Blackwolf