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Sunday, April 02, 2006

A very special thank-you: "Go, Ottoville High School! Respect your Leprechauns!"

I must tell you, dear Mortals, I will never forget those wonderful teenagers from Ottoville, Ohio High School who stopped by Central Park's Bethesda Fountain to notice this foolish old Wizard, and pose for a group photo with me!

Nestled in the farmlands of Northwestern Ohio, Ottoville is located some 20 miles northwest of Lima at the junction of U.S. 224 and that ever-legendary Route 66. The Village's origins date back to 1845, when a priest named Father John Otto Bredeick discovered 16 Roman Catholic familiies dwelling on Section 16 of the Erie Canal. Within three years' time, Auglaize County, Ohio was created, with Ottoville as its center. Today, over 150 years later, Ottoville remains one of the most family-friendly small towns in America. With Ron Miller (now where have I heard that name before?) as its Mayor and President of the Village Council, the place seems to be as warm and fuzzy as anywhere you would want to go.

But I'm getting ahead of me tale here, dearies. The young Seniors of Ottoville High's "Big Green Pride" noticed your humble Dragonmaster --- and found in me a kindred spirit who just as fun-loving as they were! Why, they wasted no time in putting a group picture together with me; when I noticed that someone was wearing a shirt, or something similar, with a Leprechaun motif, I gave the kids a sensible lecture on how to respect Leprechauns --- and before long, I was leading these wacky kids in a merry chorus:

"Go, Ottoville High School! Respect your Leprechauns!"

Clearly, this was the funniest and jolliest day in your Dragonmaster's life. Now, unless I miss me guess --- and, frankly, I've been doing plenty of that lately --- the results of this merry encounter will be posted in the Ottoville High School Photo Gallery very, very soon. Until then, I would like to thank Principal Bill Altenburger for having made possible the Big Green Priders' delightful adventures in NYC. I'm sure their parents will be surprised to learn of their encounter with New York's first and only Unofficial Wizard! (That, of course, would be me!)

Just one more reason, goodly gentles, for me to tell the Planet in general: GOD, I LOVE BEING A WIZARD!

Master Blackwolf