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Friday, December 14, 2007

Jingle Bell Dragonmaster!

Merry Christmas, Mortals!

I know that there are a good many of you out there who celebrate your own special holidays; but being the wise old Wizard that I am, there's only one website that matters as of this particular moment in time: Master Richard's Beyond --- legendary online home of the Alexander & Ilya Salkind Production, Santa Claus: The Movie! November 2008 marks the site's 10th Birthday, so my Mortal-born alter ego is marking the celebration a bit early by cleaning it up, sprucing up the old content, adding new links to the old --- and letting everyone know about the recent birth of little Katherine Kei Heim-Binas, on April 12th, 2007. Mother and daughter are doing just quite well, thank you very much!

Meanwhile, dearies, there's so much to share with less than a week to go before Christmas --- by Merlin's beard, the holiday ornaments are coming at this old Dragonmaster faster than I can zap them onto all those Christmas trees! Be not surprised, then, if, by the end of this weekend, I shall belly-flop into senselessness! And then just when I'm about ready to go one last round with the Multiverse in general, Santa will, I suspect, want me with him on the NORAD Santa Claus Squad thing. Which, of course, I shall in fact do. Oh boy.

Master Blackwolf