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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Here he goes again, again! (Aargh!)

Blarst you, Naked Cowboy! Once again, you have succeeded in completely flustering your dear fellow Champion of the Imagination --- by deciding that you're running for President of the United States! May I remind you, Robert John Burck, that you wussed out last year when you proposed to run for Mayor of the City of New York! Put simply, I ain't holdin' my breath as far as Naked Cowboy for President is concerned!

Y'know, Mortals, it doesn't take much to annoy Blackwolf the Dragonmaster. Merdwin the Mediocre decides to strike out for Central Florida to land a gig at Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter --- only to have the whole silly business crash down when it becomes obvious that he can't find a place to stay when off duty; then I remain thwarted in my efforts to learn what's happening with the 2010 National Christmas Tree Program --- which, I fear, may be a total flop for the mere presence of President and Mrs. Obama; I even doubt that there will be those who will wish to tune in to the second national PBS presentation, to be distributed again by WETA/Washington, D.C.; and to be produced by Brooklyn's own Alex Coletti Productions. Then, to really put the icing on the cake, I have to scramble for an alternative method of logging on, much less updating people, re the status of my own Dark Chambers website! Of course, I couldn't hang out with dear Poopstar (that's Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, for you more uninformed Mortals) at the Beacon Theatre the other night; as I speak, Robert Smigel continues to edit the footage shot at Night of Too Many Stars. And anyway, I was already booked for the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park; I thank King Tiberias and the Royal Court of Jerusalem for helping me feel my strength when I needed it the most.

Dearests, there are going to be limits --- for now --- as to how I'll be able to contact you all. Hence, my contacting you now from glorious Downtown Brooklyn. I'll try to do something here tomorrow, but I can't promise anything. Pray, stay ye tun'd!