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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ending the Year in Chaos!

For those of you, like myself, who have been monitoring CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, et al, Pakistan's beloved Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated. A horrifying business, to say the least, and one that will put the finishing touch, by Merlin's beard, on an already hostile year wherein the Forces of Imagination have been dealt many cruel and unusual blows. And only a few days ago, reports came in out of Katmandu that the world's last Hindu monarchy, that of the Kingdom of Nepal, will soon be abolished, in what apparently brings to a dark close a tragic saga whose bitter roots were spawned by the tragedy of love thwarted by fate.

Chaos reigneth hither in this Twenty-first Century, Mortal-reckoning; even a Wizard as powerful as I have seen these dark materials. Where the road shall yet take us remains uncertain --- but once again, we must remind ourselves that we, Western civilizationand all for which it stands, are at war against an enemy whose only desire is the death of practically every man, woman and child upon the face of the Earth..... with the horrible result of a world in the dark image of false Islamism. That world is precisely what President Bush has long battled to protect us from; and yet we were far too blinded by our own horrible greed and thirsting for power to listen. Now see you the result: death, dismemberment, and horrifying chaos!

And so again we ask "Why?"

This war is the one struggle I had hoped I could but end were it within my own Wizardly powers; but, as I have said many times over the aeons, the world must change, and a power greater and stronger than ours must come, before Peace can again be restored to our world ..... before we, the Wizards of the Multiverse, can again call ourselves a free race.

In that knowledge, Mortals, I would ask of ye --- pray for those who have sacrificed our honor. Pray for our fighting troops, these noble-hearted Knights, that the world may yet survive ......

Here, then, is the word of Master Blackwolf.