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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Continuing: The Holly Claus Experience

To Their Majesties, King Nicholas and Queen Vivianne of the Land of Forever:

Today I wish to continue my prior remarks concerning your daughter, Holly. Over the years, I have discovered that there are those who, no matter what the reason, have found a slight difficulty of believing --- not merely in the spirit of Christmas, but in every wondrous thing this life has to offer. Of old, I remember, there was a wise frog named Kermit who, facing down an over-obsessed adversary, uttered these words as a last desperate act:

"I've got a dream, too --- only mine's about singing and dancing and making people happy. That's the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with --- and I've found an entire bunch of people who basically have the very same dream ..... In a way, it kind of makes us feel like we're a family."

Wise words, to say the least, Majesties of Forever. But our time now sees a world of war, fear, doubt, panic, hatred and injustice. How to counter-attack it, then? Only one way to answer that: Hope.

Every man, in his own way, has some form of Hope to hold onto at point in his or her lives or another. When I was living as a would-be hermit, I had sought to devote my remaining years of lifetime to writing, crafting drawings, and seeking out true Hope in general. In the intervening years since, one adventure has boldly led to another; and today, I stand before Your Majesties as the Unofficial Mage of the City, County and State of New York. Despite all this, the struggle goes on. Yet I choose to persist because no one else is around to take up the challenge. So here's old Blackwolf, rotting in the style of a tree, but nonetheless determined to triumph over the Forces of Nastiness in any means available to me! My only hope, as always, is that I can make a few new friends into the bargain; and it is my further hope that I can the Royals of Forever are to be numbered amongst those friends.

Until next time, I humbly remain.........

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf