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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Drenched Dragonmaster Thoughts

Usually in my travels, I like to remind my fans, "Nobody likes a drenched Dragonmaster." This, of course, is because I don't like getting my robes and stuff wet, in the event of rain and/or other inclement weather. Well, alas, I fear that, given that it's going to be a rainy rest of the week, I shall have to remain a drenched Dragonmaster for a while. But, to be honest with ye, me Mortal friends, I'd rather be blogging hither in me Diary of Magecraft, as opposed to sitting in the ol' hovel, listening to me arteries harden! No, folks, being active, even in the rain, is a pursuit I enjoy; and I suspect that quite a few of you New Yorkers enjoy it, too.

One of the things I loathe, however, is playing 'dodge the umbrellas.' Too many people walk around the city streets wielding umbrellas, never looking where they're going (mostly because they've got their bloomin' cell phones in their ears!), risking inadvertently poking people in the face and whatnot. Blarst it all! I've a mind to transform the bloody lot of them into lily pads, never mind toads!

Well, I have nothing left to do right now but go and listen to lovely and smiling Luellen Abdoo, the Wedding Violinist. How sweet she is! Besides, one of my old colleagues, fellow wacky person and relentlessly romantic fiddler Jim Graseck is a member of Luellen's Synergy String Quartet, so that means I've even more of an excuse to enjoy their wondrous fiddling. And anyway, nothing turns me on like Debussy's String Quartet in G Minor, Op. 10!

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