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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Frosty Feelings, and the Golden Globes are 24 hours away! Bah humbug!

Boreas Rex, King of the Winds, has once more occupied his jewel-encrusted Ice Throne, and, as one might expect, the Windlord taketh no prisoners! His rule is absolute; and, as I have experienced this morning, it only takes one wave of his trusty Snowflake Scepter to cause one to stumble and fall. Luckily, I managed to escape with the proverbial minor injuries! (Heh-heh!) Those here in New York may kvetch re Milord Boreas' frosty reign; not so if ye dwell in Saint Paul, Minnesota --- for there, 'tis party time!

The St. Paul Winter Carnival, the nation's oldest winter festival, dates from 1886, and is that city's revenge upon the world because some unimaginative Manhattan journalist dismissed the place as backwoods and too frosty! WRONG! St. Paulites can party hearty just like the rest of us --- and they sure have one doozy of a frosty legend to boot! Look, take not mine word for it; just visit the website, and see what His Wintry Majesty and his Court of Ice and Snow are up to!

Back in boring old Beverly Hills, the Golden Globe Awards are now 24 hours away --- and I have this ugly feeling that there will be some very angry people come Tuesday morning! Hollywood, like most U.S. cities, has a long and storied history of sharing its petulant feelings with the Planet in general; the art of the sore loser has been an element in all forms of entertainment since the dawn of Earth's pre-history. Having witnessed the first angry petulant rant myself, I can tell you that there will always be those who will grumble ferociously about everything!

Meanwhile, I have a few loose ends to tie with the Finntroll folks; as before, I hope they won't growl ferociously at me. I strongly suspect that Master Richard's Battle for the Trolls commentary never made it to print in any of those backwoods metal publications I e-mailed the thing to; who's got time, I wonder, to listen a mere kid from off the street rant about a haevy metal/polka band from Finland that barely anyone knows about?

Well, anywho, enjoy the frost. I know I'm gonna have to. King Boreas rules; and he's going to stay on his Ice Throne until at least the end of March. To that end, I entreat ye:

Brrrrr with me!

Master Blackwolf