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Friday, October 12, 2007

Just How Inconvenient is the Truth?

Normally here in the ol' Diary of Magecraft, your humble Dragonmaster waxes poetic on issues that particuarly peak me Wizardly interest. But now comes word from Oslo that Al Gore and those responsible for the unstoppable force of nature, if thou wouldst, that is An Inconvenient Truth, are on the fast track to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Prize Committee seems to be saying that they're giving the thing to him, not to mention that book and its accompanying Oscar-winning documentary, for their apparent effoerts to warn us about global warming before it's too late. If in fact that situation proves true, I suspect that Mark Levin will not be very happy over this; indeed, I sensed the vitriol coming from him as of last night. Mark Levin loathes Al Gore with a vengeance, clearly, and it would not be surprising to yours truly that Mark would have something very furious to say about it.

As for your Dragonmaster, I would suggest, as I have done at least four times previously here, that we turn our attention to a wonderful television program produced some 17 years ago: Time Warner Presents the Earth Day Special. This all-star gala celebration, coinciding with Earth Day's 20th anniversary, transformed a single soundstage at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA, into Everytown, USA --- where over 50 of the 1990s' greatest names in show business come together to let the world know that our Planet is at risk. The show was so profound that even Jeopardy! contributed a segment. Think about it:

Each 1% drop in ozone concentration is said to cause a 4% increase in cases of this disease.

The correct response, of course, is: What is skin cancer? The point to all this, Mortals, is this: we are faced with a series of issues which, if certain events are permitted to occur, will plunge our world into a crisis from which there may very possibly be no return, let alone a proper conclusion. When you think about it, my dear children, perhaps ol' Nostradamus was right: maybe we would indeed have to be very much on our guard if we of the Planet Earth are indeed to make it to encountering that "peace of a thousand years." It's something worth remembering.

Whether you remember it or not, your Dragonmaster, as always, would have your wisdom on this. Meaning, kiddos, that you know what to do: gimme an e-mail at either or

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