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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally, Back to the Diary of Magecraft! Huzzah!

Boy, these last few days have been flooded with adventure, haven't they? Right now, Their Eastern Majesties, King Konrad von Ulm and Queen Brenwen the Faire are enjoying their first full day on their Eastern Thrones; and accordingly, I've e-mailed them concerning our 2008 Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival (I suspect, as ever, that they won't show up on September 28th due to those thrice-damned scheduling conflicts, to which I say a harsh and violent "Fie 'pon scheduling conflicts!"; after all, I have loved the Medieval Festival so much, there are those for whom one might describe your Dragonmaster as the Festival's resident "spoil'd brat!") [Heh-heh!]

This coming Saturday, June 21st will once again see mine adopted metropolis taking part in a global music-making party, Le Fete de la Musique. Cities around the world from New York and Los Angeles, to Toronto and Montreal and Vancouver; from London to Manchester to Liverpool; from Paris to Bordeaux; from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Bonnyrigg and Dundee; from Berlin and Stuttgart to Sydney and Adelaide --- venues throughout the Planet will invite musicians of all styles, cultures and persuasions to perform for free, to perform for all. Now, here in New York, our Fete de la Musique is called Make Music, New York! And clearly, there are a whole mess o' musicmakers hither in ye Byg Appyl that are anxious to do that. Unfortunately, your Dragonmaster won't be able to crash the party, as I am booked on that aforenoted Saturday, June 21st, to rejoin the fabulous Debbie D for the 2008 Coney Island Mermaid Parade --- and this time, alas, it may indeed be that event's Farewell Edition, in which case this ol' Wizard will be in on some major league history.

So far, 2008 has been quite history-making here in New York of late, with Pope Benedict about to bid us a fond hello; Yankee and Shea Stadiums hosting Farewell Seasons; why, even the History Channel is calling itself just plain ol' History! By Merlin's beard, how in the world will I ever make sense of it all?

Master Blackwolf