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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Today's Guest Blogger: Archmage Lowadar, Headmaster, Aldwyns Academy for Wizardry!

Hello, to our loyal Dungeons & Dragons fans around the world; and greetings to you, the readers of Mirrorstone Books for Young Readers!

Blackwolf the Dragonmaster has happily granted me the opportunity to guest-blog here in this, his Diary of Magecraft, that I might make known to you younger apprentices a few things about the world in which you live --- by which I mean, the present 21st Century, Mortal-reckoning. Firstly, however, a brief introduction of myself. Know, then, that I am the Archmage Lowadar, and that, as Headmaster of Aldwyns Academy for Wizardry, my primary function is to encourage my students to become wise, responsible Mages. I recently invited Master Blackwolf to visit our unique, one-of-a-kind facility, to share with us a few of his more recent sojourns among Mortalkind, especially his adopted home-realm of New York City. Master Blackwolf's world-renowned Dumbledore Eulogy is required reading by all of us, students and faculty alike; the day I myself read the final draft, I was so deeply moved I could not stop shedding tears for three days! When the said Eulogy was shown to all our Professors, they, too, sobbed uncontrollably.

But enough of tall tales and legends! It is the future of of your world that concerns me, and that future I must share with you all here in these remarks. I have faithfully served as Headmaster of Aldwyns for many centuries now, and in that time, as I'm sure Master Blackwolf is well aware, I have seen Wizards and their civilizations rise and fall with each passing dawn. The Wizards of the early 21st Century are in the midst, or so I've heard, of a period of great historical turmoil, the majority of it spawned by the election of the first African-American-born President of the United States. The questions being posed as a result of the choosing of this unknown are many, and at this present commentary it remains unclear as to where his Quest will take him. Suffice it to say, we of the Wizard world would wish him good fortune as he begins that bold, undiscovered journey.

For us, as well, many undiscovered journeys await, each of them beginning with but a single step. Being an Archmage challenged with the task of training young Wizards to seek out their place in the world, and, by extension, to secure that place responsibly and meaningfully, I have, I think, dedicated myself to granting my young charges the will to --- what was that silly song's title? --- ah, yes. Now I remember: Move Closer to Your World. My thanks to you all for listening.

Good journeys, each and all!

Archmage Lowadar
Headmaster, Aldwyns Academy for Wizardry