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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's Guest Blogger: Nostradamus!

Hi, kids! Nostradamus, the Man Who Saw Tomorrow here! And y'know what, I really need to thank Al Gore. I mean, hey --- when I heard about An Inconvenient Truth winning two straight Academy Awards --- Best Original Song and Best Documentary Feature --- I knew that those wacky modern-day Mortals had finally gotten the message.

Now they tell me the folks responsible for the Nobel Prizes have declared that they pretty much dig where ol' Al is comin' from, so they give him and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts to build up, and disseminate, greater knowledge about man-made climate change; and for laying the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change."

And then, everybody's in such a dither and the media starts in with this I love Al Gore/I hate Al Gore battle of wits across the morning shows and Sunday morning borefests (Meet the Press; Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday, This Week)! I gotta tell you, I have to laugh --- because, like yours truly, Al apparently gets it. I was pleased a couple of years back when His All-Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew declared it sinful to wage war on the environment. Trust me, Bartholomew's a great guy. He knows what it takes to be a terrific chronicler of the future of Mankind. Why do you think Master Blackwolf has him at the top of his Cool Orthodox Christian Dudes list, people?

Well, just when everybody thought I was so over, leave it to the History Channel to say otherwise! Here's the deal on their show about me, The Lost Book of Nostradamus:

It's 1994, and this Rome-based news babe named Enza Massa has her nose buried in Rome's Italian National Library, scoping out these old texts and stuff --- then she finds this manuscript, dated 1629 A.D. There's a title on the front page, NOSTRADAMUS VATINICIA CODE. Some of my old watercolor paintings, cryptic poetry and other weird stuff. (Weird to you Mortals, that is! Heh-heh!) Basically, the show's about how those Archivists located my Vatinicia Code, and why they put it there in the first place. Also, they examine my relationship with my infant son, Cesar --- remember, he was just a kid at the time (a baby, no less!) --- and my hook-ups with Pope Urban VIII, who was the only other dude to know about the V.C., and who kept it for me for many years.

Y'know, frankly, I've been on the History Channel many times over its more than 10 years on the air, but they've never done me up like this! So if you feel like being really scared a couple days removed from Halloween, tune in this Sunday, @ 9 pm, 8pm Central, and we'll find out if I am once more hot or not --- again. You'll note that the promo has the date of the End of it All, as the show states: 2012 A.D. Sorry, London --- hate to have to ruin the Games of the XXXth Olympiad by casting the End of the World on the same year, but hey, those are the breaks, folks!

Oh yeah, one more thing: that Warners/Wolper thing, the documentary about me with Orson Welles ---- when are they gonna put that one on DVD, huh? See ya, kids! Have a terrific Halloween, and an even weirder Apocalypse!


Michel de Nostradamus