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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Diary of Magecraft, Missive #600!

Well, Mortals, we've made it at long last! Welcome to Missive #600 in this, Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's Diary of Magecraft .... and while it seems as though I've sort of abandoned this old blog, that's not so. For now, I am without my old laptop (because someone rather silly wanted to clean it, and only ended up making a rather bizarre mistake into the bargain); and I am struggling to systematically clean out my bedchambers, that I might avoid being grumbled at by the fire marshals for, in their words, failure to dispose of hazardous materials properly. Look, I'm half-killing meself to get my damn job done as well as get my plans together to do the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, my participation in which I hope to record as the last major sequence in my still-in-production documentary movie, Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard!

And afterwards, we're supposed to start a crucial six-month post-production phase, wherein Stephen Steinberg (our director/cinematographer), Otis Harris (our editor) and I must join our forces; but that has had to be compromised by my recent confrontation with the fact that I am, essentially, a charter member of New York City's unknown populace of 'hoarders'. Nevertheless, the commitment to the Halloween Parade has been made; and if I have to get to the Parade route on foot, so help me, I will!

Nevertheless, by this time, everything should be properly put aside so that I can return to that which sadly passes for sanity; and I can, I hope, concentrate on working with Stephen and Otis on bringing the film together in a way that I can approve of. Y'know, I really wish New York City would stop making me constantly bonkers every time I try to focus on something that absolutely matters to me! Well, one thing's for sure: Lordi, my Official Rock Band, is once more not doing much on Halloween, which means (again) that I must turn to the glorious boobs of dearest Elvira, Mistress of the Dark --- who, at least, bothers to let her fans know what she's up to!

Meanwhile, my children, I won't leave you behind for any reason; you have all become too dear for me to do anything that silly. Know that I still think of you --- even if, as recently happened, one or two of New York's Finest still want to have me put in ye old pokey for merely being funny-looking, to say nothing of disturbing the peace! Dearest gendarmes, this is New York City. We live to disturb the peace, you sillies! The problem was simply that someone complained about me behind my back, which I hate; look, if you have a problem with me, please have the decency to complain to me in my face!

Well, enough kvetching from this foolish old beetlehead! I've enough to worry about without being driven nuts by mine adopted metropolis; but this is what I get for being New York City's Unofficial Wizard. Regardless --- I said we're stuck wi' each other, Byg Appyl --- and after almost a decade of faithful service, you sure as hell better get used to me, because if ye still haven't gotten it about Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, come Springtime 2011, my parent company, Electric Pirates Entertainment, along with Stephen Steinberg's Eternal Damnation Productions LLC, are gonna make damn sure you get it about me once and for all!

Fearlessly yours, as ever,

Master Blackwolf