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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few thoughts on having one's heart broken:

For the past hour or so, me Mortal-born alter ego has poured out his soul on his Facebook presence, concerning his thoughts on those who dare question the lad's lifestyle and humanity.

Honestly, goodly gentles, there are those who have long had similar questions about your dear Dragonmaster; and it was largely to prevent those questions from being asked once and for all that inspired Stephen Steinberg to seek me out; as a result, we have completed filming, and are now in the midst of post-production, on our documentary film entitled Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard (that's me, of course!).

But it has become apparent of late that there continue to be those who would do anything to break a person's heart. What will it take, I wonder, to make you Humans understand, much less appreciate, the value of another human being's personal feelings? How many times must I grumble at all of you about the contempt I have for those who repeatedly DON'T understand or appreciate other people's feelings?

When my seven Wizardly superiors, the Grand High Istari, first gave me the task of trying to restore the collective happiness of the common New Yorker, they anticipated not the size and scope that such a challenge would provide; alas, the battle rages on, and I fear that my Quest may have failed once and for all. But, as I was of yore Padraig of Abbeyleix, son of Saemus the Strong, my code of family honor must be upheld --- in which case, it must be said that I have no intention of going down without a fight!

I shall do anything necessary to defend and protect not only the honor of my family ..... but also that of a young man who is alone in the world, and desires no more than simple, unconditional positive regard. The problem is, he ain't getting that unconditional positive regard, so I have to start fighting for that in any way, shape or form possible. Now, if I can't accomplish that, then I haven't done my job, by Merlin's beard!

I'm Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, dammit! I'm fed up with Mortals who question my very right to even be New York City's Unofficial Wizard! Is it too much to ask you goodly gentles to notice me Wizardly person? I've done all I can; I can't keep all this defending myself stuff up forever. Notice me, dammit!!! Hopefully, once this damn documentary is finished, maybe you'll get it about me once and for all!!!

Look, I've kvetched and kvetched until I'm blue in the face. Just e-mail or or We want you to enjoy our film, help us complete our post-production phase --- whatever it takes!

(Sorry, kids, but there are just some Mortals who will just not understand this old Mage, no matter what I do --- and, let's face it, it's pissing me off!)

From Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin:

BILBO: Greetings, Rankin/Bass fans! Bilbo Baggins here!
THORIN: And I, of course, am Thorin, grandson of King under the Mountain!
GANDALF: And of course, yours truly, Gandalf, he whose name means me! Well, I think you all know why we're today's guest-bloggers here in Blackwolf's Diary of Magecraft; but for those of you not familiar with what's been going on, we're about to return to the big screen in a very big way: Pre-production will proceed soon on The Hobbit, Parts 1 and 2 --- and most of the original cast from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy will be returning to contribute their parts for certain sequences.
B: Indeed! And there are going to be all sorts of new things to be dealt with as production begins after next spring. Why, there's just so many things to look forward to, I can hardly imagine what we'll be doing, much less how we'll do things.
T: Oh come now, Burglar! When we last guest-blogged here, we were proposing to join our forces, just the three of us, as a rock band called The Grey Havens.
B: And we'll still have our band, no doubt. But now, we're going to have a better chance to be seen by more audiences than previously.
G: Quite so! Most of those who were in on things when we were making those three movies --- well, we had quite a journey and stuff.
T: Ah, yes. Those were glorious days, weren't they?
G: Yes they were.
B: Well, tell you what, lads: Let's show the fans what heroes are made of, eh what?
G: That, I think, should present no challenge. Let's get busy, then!