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Friday, January 16, 2009

King Luther and Queen Maerwynn of Calontir: A Brief Tribute

I know not about ye, but I say that some of the SCA's 19 Laurel Kingdoms are art-forms in and of themselves. One of those nineteen is Calontir, presently ruled by King Luther II and Queen Maerwynn. This portrait by Lord Sir Vilhelm Lich, alias Ed Hauschild, taken on Their Majesties' Coronation Day, September 13th, 2008, captures Their Majesties in their most spectacular Calontirian glory!

I have often wondered just how glorious a Royal Coronation of an SCA King and Queen can be. Clearly, Luther and Maerwynn, with their Coronation, certainly showed their subjects how 'tis done! Of course, I still knowst not whether I shall yet attend the Coronation of the present Prince and Princess of the East, Andreas and Gabriella, but I have no doubt that it, too, will be just as artistic and dignified! Huzzah!

Master Blackwolf

Friday Frozen Things to Know!

And so, ol' Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, New York's Unofficial Wizard, begins the next 400 or so missives in this, me Diary of Magecraft! What can I tell you Mortals, first of all?

Well, apparently, the goodlies at Mobile, Alabama's WKRG-TV/DT have alerted me to a controversy involving Mobile Azalea Trail Maids. They are, I have been told, the only group who will represent Alabama at Tuesday's Inaugural Parade; do have a peek hither if thou wouldst know of the full line of march; I would seek out the participants' websites, but that would take me all bloomin' weekend! Anywho, Ed Vaughn, President of the Alabama Chapter of the NAACP, seems to be whining that the Trail Maids' familiar hoop-skirt dresses are representative of the period of the times of slavery. "I just think," he grumbles, "that we needed something that could show Alabama's great progress rather than something that shows a shameful past. Alabama should have had something that was more indicative of the progress that has been made in the state rather than a throw back to the slave era."

Ed, shut up!

The Azalea Trail Maids, like Cypress Gardens, Florida, are an American icon. In their 60 years of history, these beautiful ladies have participated in public events that run the gamut from Macy*s Thanksgiving Day and the Tournament of Roses Parades --- and they've greeted Presidents, foreign dignitaries and assorted other VIPs to Mobile and beyond. Fortunately, Stephen Nodine, Mobile County Commissioner, came to the ladies' rescue by writing to Ed that he needed to apologize to the girls --- big time! (I gotta tell ya, is this guy a Knight in Shining Armor, or what?)

Well, fortunately, Ed did apologize --- somewhat, stating that he would have preferred that the ladies have at least a little company --- perhaps, as yours truly unwittingly suggested, a few members of the survivors of the Tuskeegee Airmen. Well, methinks the Trail Maids will do just fine at Tuesday's Inaugural Parade! Best of luck, my dear ladies! Huzzah!

Meanwhile, while all this madness is going on, we've had a sort of miracle happen whilst I was otherwise engaged in battling my sanity. NY1 has the latest updates on this rather incredible story; I strongly suspect that they'll now want Captain Chesley Sullenberger III, a/k/a Sully, to do every local and national talk show you or I can name. Little wonder as to why I can't always stay away from cyberspace sometimes!

Needless to say, Boreas Rex, King of the Winds, is having his way with ye Byg Appyl. With temperatures in the teens, I am forced to battle not only mine own sanity, but keep up with the calendar as well. The immediate conundrum, at this moment, lies in how I'm gonna segue from Super Bowl Sunday to Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA! Aaargh!!! This is what I get for being two days behind in terms of me e-mails! Drat, drat, draaaaaat!!!!!!!!

Well, enough crapola for the present. Let us now see what trouble I can get me Wizardly person into next!

Master Blackwolf