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Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday! Silly! Party! ('Nuff said.)

Regardless of it being a little less than 72 hours before Master Richard becomes a robust, wacky, nutty, ouched-up 42-year-old (whilst your humble Dragonmaster licks his own wounds and savors the thrill of being an long over-ouched 4800-plus-year-old Wizard), I'm going to say some rather silly things to you Mortals on this Friday. And here they are:

What exactly is it about M. Night Shamalyan and Lady in the Water that makes you want to hope that his career implodes? Is everyone so anxious to see him allegedly go nuts? I don't think so, and I'll tell you why. It seems to me that Nightdude is of the notion --- a notion, I might add, that is wholeheartedly shared by this old Wizard --- that the world is in serious need of dreamers. We no longer take our eccentrics seriously anymore, I'm sure you know that by now! Why do you think folks like myself, the Naked Cowboy, Thor the Barbarian, Master Thoth and various others have taken our respective cases to ye Wyrlde Wyde Webbe, say I? M. Night Shamlayan is no different from us in terms of his eccentricities. No one is alive who doesn't possess those qualities. So long as you use them responsibly and meaningfully, the world is your oyster! Hast thou a problem wi' that, Milord?

Everybody go to 70's Live Action Kidvid, because today's Saturday morning television sucks! I'm bored by Pikachu, I'm getting annoyed with SpongeBob, and don't get me started about damn High School Musical! Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm starting to miss hanging out with ol' Poopstar; the Happy Madison team is on snooze control --- and by Merlin's beard, if I don't get anybody, be it from the local stations, or NYU Film School, or even to notice me soon, I'm just gonna go log onto the Fabulous 60-Minute Price is Right Page! Aaargh!!!

There. Those are your Dragonmaster's rants for today, children. NOW LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!

Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf