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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Alone Again on Halloween Night, Naturally

Well, goodly gentles, your humble Dragonmaster figured this: I shall have to resign me Wizardly person to the fact that I shall again be doing the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade alone. Again.

And why is this? I hear some of ye asking with impatience. Put simply, my dears, New York's Unofficial Wizard is, for all intents and purposes, bummed out. And you'd be bummed out as well, Mortals, were you confronted with the following: Merdwin the Mediocre's dear father, Charlie Payne, remains in intensive care at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, his condition still indeterminate; Thor the Barbarian and family are pretty much invisible, e'en as the Burly One and Muninn mark their wedding anniversary; Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is in Philadelphia, in pursuit of ravens as she helpeth ye City of Brotherly Love mark Edgar Alllan Poe's 200th Birthday; and Lordi will be spending their Halloween night in Helsinki, wearing their new look regalia, to which, happily, I have given a proper thumbs-up.

And all this would dare bum out Blackwolf the Dragonmaster? you ask. Aye, indeed it would! What's more, in celebration of the Halloween Parade's 35th Anniversary, Milady Jeanne hath chosen ghosts as the prime focus of this year's procession of incredible freakishness --- which means, obviously, that I shall have to put up with the damn Who ya gonna call? routine. A while back, there was talk that Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis had rethought --- indeed, had re-written Ghostbusters 3 as a videogame, rather than as a theatrical movie; thus far, I have heard very little further news about it since then.

The only great thing about doing the Halloween Parade is the fact that not only does the event mark my last official public appearance for the year --- it gives me the chance, hopefully, to once more greet my old friend from two years ago, Moonstar, the Werewolf of Brooklyn. I do hope we encounter one another again this year. Well, we'll see. (Oh yeah --- did I mention I also have to go to King Neptune's underwater Throne Room, too? I imagine His Oceanic Majesty is going to gloat in me face big time, given that both of New York's baseball franchises have pretty much stunk up mine adopted metropolis!)

Well, enough nonsense, Mortals. I've a lot of grumbling to do, and not a lot of time to do it. More to come, blarst it all!

Master Blackwolf