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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Very Toothy, Very Happy Fiddler! Encore!

Here, dearests, is our Very Toothy, Very Happy Fiddler again --- this time, in color, and still enjoying himself! Now, when I first saw these two photographs of this obviously merry train station attendant, the reaction was immediate and ticklish. As I told you before, this gentleman has doubtless been blessed with the best of both worlds, and is using that blessing to its fullest advantage.

As I mentioned before, the only sad part about this is the fact that no one knows this fellow's name, and that is why I must once more invite anyone with that information to e-mail me immediately, so I can recognize him properly. Like everyone else who has been enchanted by this jolly fellow's demeanor, I have discovered that he has quite a talent for sharing his infectious style of happiness with others. I'd certsinly like him to know that, as well.

A Very Toothy, Very Happy Fiddler!

As you Mortals can see for yourselves, this wonderful gentleman is enjoying himself with much zeal. This photograph was taken in Rome, Italy; and from the few bits of information I was able to discover about our Very Toothy, Very Happy Fiddler, he's not simply a well-trained violinist; as it turns out, he's also a train station conductor, too! And clearly his violin-playing is well appreciated by those who embark and disembark each day aboard the various trains that move in and out of Rome. In case you were wondering why he has such a wonderful smile, that's because he has a few gold teeth in his mouth, complementing a very bushy beard and resulting in what certainly must be a very happy smile! I imagine he loves to have his photo taken; he is obviously in love with his fiddle and his job and has the rarity of being able to do both jobs each day of the week! Doubtless few people here are given that opportunity!

So if any of you out there can e-mail me and identify this very merry fellow, and e-mail as well the gentleman's backstory, I'll be more than pleased to share it with my friends within and beyond cyberspace. You know how to reach me --- and Needless to say, I look forward to further introducing you to this obviously Very Toothy, Very Happy Fiddler, so that you goodly gentles may get to know more about him, too.

Master Blackwolf