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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From the "I-thought-we'd-stopped-this-a-while-ago" Department:

Well, Mortals, it looks like the Strange Case of the Naked Cowboy vs. M&M's Chocolate Candies is once more rearing its ugly head! At issue is the question of whether or not my fellow Champion of the Imagination has, by the fact that Blue M&M's is depicted lampooning the Naked One in an on-screen display at M&M's World Times Square, been made to 'endorse' the product, when in truth he has not.

The simple matter of it all, from your Dragonmaster's perspective, is that, the real question being asked here is: is Robert John Burck endorsing M&M's, or are they spoofing him? Were that yours truly having to deal with this particular situation, the answer would be as clear as the waters where dwelleth the Lady of the Lake: namely, that M&M's would be spoofing me; and I would be more than willing to let it all go. The Naked Cowboy, on the other hand, believes otherwise; his dignity, after all, is what's on the line here.

U.S. District Judge Denny Chin has therefore seen fit to let ol' Naked's lawsuit go forth, reports the Associated Press; but, as I have said, the whole issue is as simple as a mere pair of Jockey shorts, if thou wouldst: The Naked Cowboy is NOT endorsing M&M's, the whole mess largely concerns the illusion of promotion. One of the key truths behind the business of advertising is that one must learn to maintain a proper grip on the illusion of advertising. If one cannot do so, very likely the situation I have just now described for you will result. So, please continue following this story --- but only by your own discretion and preference. Which is to say, ol' Blackwolf, as ever, just brings ye the facts. You, as ever, must draw your own conclusions.

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