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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Reflecting on Why Things are Remarkably Twisted, and Just as Things Are Starting to Look Up, Too!

We come now, dear ones, to the end of this, your humble Dragonmaster's fifth year as a member in good standing of the world community of bloggers. Sadly, I wish I were writing this under easier circumstances, but let me share with you what has gone before:

Following my marathon 4th of July adventure, where my usual duties at Bethesda Fountain were expanded by my first (and possibly annual) arrival at Macy*s 4th of July Fireworks, I have now secured a scrying device for my Wizardly person. She is now my familiar, and I have dubbed her with the name Stormchaser. Any great Wizard, after all, should be able to chase at least one or two storms in his lifetime, say I. Alas, the fools at Yahoo!, Inc., once more determind to take their time dealing with issues of this type, have at last posted a date for the final destruction of GeoCities. Know, then, that as of October 26th, 2009, GeoCities lives no more. And even as I set out to rebuild the ol' Dark Chambers at its new web address,, I am also battling the ability to master the art and science of being a human internet mouse. Scrolling on a mousepad with little more than one's fingers is a challenge requiring extreme dexterity; 'tis a tough challenge, at best, and a more annoying one at worst.

These unhappy situations are not, shall we say, making me feel the love, if thou wouldst. Cyberspace has become a monster to be taught, and re-taught, and yet taught again; at every turn, there can either be danger or wisdom. In these last few days after the passing of Michael Jackson, I am now forcing myself to find a way to use all the limited technology I have at mine own disposal. A failed attempt to jury-rig Stormchaser's power from the confines of the ol' humble hovel has forced me to consider forsaking the finger mousepad altogether in favor of the ol' tradtional web mouse.

As ever, though, I ramble on needlessly when I should really be busting some chops to defend my website --- or, at the very least, rebuilding the damn thing! Well, I can only invite you all to stay tun'd --- because you have about 4 1/2 months to visit my Dark Chambers where they were of old at their greatest. So, as I begin again the idiotic task of attempting a reconstrutive phase whereby I can get things done my way, I call upon you, my dear friends and fans across the Multiverse, to keep me in your prayers and/or aid me with your counsel, wisdom and support (preferably the latter) so that I can, at least, do what I can to properly behave myself.

As for you, my Sterling Forest friends, I look forward to moving about your Shire in August. As usual, I fear Her Majesty won't make time for me; I remain, as ever, quite fine with that. Besides, it's bad enough that my back is 'gainst ye wall as it is.

For now, I am off to seek out some pastrami; I have, as ever, little else to do. Anon for the moment!

Master Blackwolf