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Friday, April 21, 2006

Today's Guest Blogger: Nostradamus!

Well, it looks like a few of me most recent predictions are coming true faster than even I had imagined!

Hello, Mortals! Michel de Nostradamus here. For those of you who don't know me, I'm that respected French physician and scholar who, a little over 450 years ago, wrote a few things to my then infant son about the end of the world. And considering how things are going these days, it looks like the end of the world may be happening a little bit more quicker than I had predicted! An unusual realm, this cyberspace. Nonetheless, I've been asked by Blackwolf the Dragonmaster to do a guest blog in his Diary of Magecraft because tomorrow marks an occasion I was never too keen on publicly, but now find myself supporting: Earth Day!

I'm also doing this guest blog gig so that I can properly thank the folks at Warners --- particularly, dear and wonderful David L. Wolper, producer-director Robert Guenette, and of course, Citizen Kane himself, Orson Welles. A while back, these three remarkable guys made a movie about me. Some of you might have seen it. It used to turn up a little frequently on HBO (and sometimes on the History Channel). It was called The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, and one of its key sequences depicted a San Francisco earthquake occuring in May 1988. OK, so maybe I screwed up on that one, but hey, my Quattrains weren't always on the money all the time!

Still, nobody told me I might be correct about 9/11 and all that happened afterwards. Maybe I might still be right about that guy whose actions might lead to the Third World War. All I'm saying is: if you feel I've gotten it right and/or wrong, you can pretty much thank and/or blame me. Given that these days, I'm the practical star of the Weekly World News front page every other week, It would not surprise me if I had me very own Nostradamus fan club!

Anyway, I need to get outta here soon, so a quick toast to Beacon Communications, Richard Baskin Inc., the SUM Entertainment Group and the People of the Earth Foundation --- all of whom, in association with Warner Bros. Television, made the coolest primetime Earth Day event what it was in 1990. We're talking about Time Warner Presents the Earth Day Special --- and the Warners exec who hasn't had the idea to put this one out on DVD needs his/her head examined. Maybe not by me, but perhaps we'll do and/or think of something.

As for that comment about the year 3797 ---- Orson Welles probably picked the number out himself. Maybe he needed the extra paycheck, who knows? Later, historymakers!

Sincerely yours,