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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Of Missions, Accomplished and Yet to be Fulfilled!

Most Mortals, as a rule, tend to pride themselves on leaving things unfinished. Not my Mortal-born alter ego, Richard Washington. He never likes to leave things unfinished, for any reason. It's simply not his way. Nor, thank goodness, is it mine.

I have been meaning, among other things, to accomplish the following within the space of a few weeks and months:

a) To post an interview with King Brenbol I of Eldor for our Barbarian Chronicles homepage.

b) To try and get the next episodes, respectively, of "Site of the Issue" and "Thoughts from the Throne Room with King Thain of Burok Torn" off to my Ink Blot colleagues at the Fellowship of the Black Spot.

c) To once and for all get me Wizardly butt up to Sterling Forest before the New York Renaissance Faire season ends, blarst it all! The only bloomin' reason I couldn't go last week as I'd originally hoped, is because, as usual, I had to do a wee bit o' food-shopping. Drat, drat, draaaat!!!

Now, by Merlin's beard, there are a few additional things that must be added into the mix, at least two of which can be taken care of immediately. The first of these involves His Royal Highness, Prince Thorson of the Eastern Kingdom of the SCA --- that's over at Prince Thorson is a very sensible fellow; further, he hails from Vermont, where my evil twin, Moropor, Sorcerer of Vermont, is battling the forces of Wal-mart. (At issue: which one can have the right to properly use the Green Mountain State as a source from which to secure each combatant's palns for world domination!) Prince Thorson and his consort, Princess Svava, are to be crowned King and Queen of the Eastern Kingdom during the time of our Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, and therefore will not be able to join us on Sunday, October 3rd. However, I have expressed a desire to meet Thorson and Svava in person; and have accordingly resolved to name their webpage as my Bonus Link of the Month for October, as soon as they have been crowned King and Queen. Indeed, I plan to e-mail His Royal Highness with this news; or, failing thus, to phone him with it. Our previous phone conversation has proven quite candid and sensible; and I think we're in for quite a friendship, he and I --- that is, if all goes well, of course.

And of course, there's the little matter of my dear friends at Scarborough Faire, especially King Henry VIII (Richard Patterson) and Queen Anne Boleyn (Shannon Bradley)..... and, oh yes, Queen Mags (Janna Casstevens), too! Mustn't forget Her Majesty of Scotland and the Isles! She'd have me head if the Duke of Talisker (that's me!) forgot her Royal Person! Oh, so many adventures, so little time --- and Master Richard must also rant on the topic of 9-11-04, as well.
Well, we'll see what happens by the time this week ends, won't we?

Ah, me --- as ever, a Dragonmaster's work is never done! But the High Istari warned me: this will be a dangerous job, one fraught with horrors only a Wizard can take on fearlessly. When I said "So what?" in response to that warning lo, those many aeons ago, I knew not what I was up against. See ye now what hath become of me since then ---
I've not only become an internet/media legend, I now get crank calls from total idiots! Oh, twaddle!

Well, to be continued for the moment, as I had best get on with contacting the Prince. There is much he must learn from me.

As ever,

Master Blackwolf