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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blackwolf Ponders Power

"There is no good and evil .... there is only power, and those too weak to seek it."

Of all the catchphrases J.K. Rowling has concocted for the Harry Potter saga, that one sentence, uttered by that oh so nasty Lord Voldemort in Sorcerer's Stone, seems to me to say practically everything you had ever hoped to say concerning Planet Earth, April 2006. As yesterday's protests and demonstrations, especially those here in New York, have doubtless revealed, the one obvious unrelenting constant in our Multiverse is the undying quest for power. As ever, the big question is: Why?

Well, to put the protests into their proper perspective, it seems to me that those in power in Washington, D.C., and those in power in the world beyond --- mostly Tehran in Iran --- are struggling to wage a battle for the ideologies and minds of every known Mortal you can ever think of. What's going on, my friends, is that the world's leaders are doing the rest of the Planet wrong --- and that there are a whole lot of angry people because of it. As a Wizard, I sense that, if certain events are allowed to occur and remain unchecked, we may find ourselves one step closer to that ultimate Pandora's box, nuclear war!

So, making a bid to stop World War III from happening before it's too late, these bold warriors --- United for Peace & Justice, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, the National Organization for Women, Friends of the Earth, the Climate Crisis Coalition, the National Youth Student Peace Coalition,
Veterans for Peace and the People's Hurricane Relief Fund --- decided that it was time to exercise their idea of what power means to them. To these folks, this current Presidential administration has brought our current geenration one step closer to the brink of all-out destruction .... and the saddest tragedy of it all, goodly gentles, is that this was all triggered --- and I hasten to add set into motion --- by the rage of Osama and his fellow manaics and their constant desire to destroy the State of Israel simply because Israel wishes nothing more than to just exist and be free!

But al-Qaeda does not simply want to destroy Israel per se. Their world view is basically one Planet under Islam --- and they know that the Americans won't let their land be shoved back into the Dark Ages without a fight. Your Dragonmaster, of course, stands proud as one of the major warriors (on the Good Guys' side, of course!) in that fight.

Why, then, am I wondering about power per se? Because power seems to be the only thing most Mortals tend to understand. What should one do? I hear ye asking. Well, if we all learned to strive for power a little less, then maybe we wouldn't need to rage against the dying of the light!

There is much more I wish to say on this topic, but I would invite ye goodlies to visit the sites you see here. They can give ye all the information on what they plan to do next in their battle to save our world. As always, the Diary of Magecraft's official favorite link is; we invite ye to check that site out as well. Meanwhile, let us all work together to aid this world, so that one day, as Aragorn the King hoped of yore, we can indeed share in the days of Peace.

As ever, your humble servant,

Master Blackwolf