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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Laptop Named Stormchaser!

Kids, I know not how to tell ye goodlies this, but frankly, this has been one really shitty (and yet sensible) week for your humble Dragonmaster. Know, then, that you are now reading the latest scribblings of this, my Diary of Magecraft, from my somewhat less than mighty laptop computer. It is an Acer Aspire One Series laptop PC, Model KAV-60; in an attempt to make it befit my Wizardly person, I have christened the durn thing Stormchaser. Why? Because, to be honest, the pursuit of perfection grows more exhausting, and I am bound to suffer a whole mess of ouchies because of it.

Oh, and the whole week has been even more annoying than most. Yahoo!, Inc., in its infinite corporate wisdom, will shut its GeoCities Division down as of October 26th, forcing me to make a mammoth effort to try and relink everything to my new Dark Chambers address at; Master Thoth and his dear apprentice, the Pink Angel, got busted the other day (fie 'pon ye, Parks Enforcement!) --- and to top the whole bloody thing off, the New York Times Company has sold WQXR-FM and to Univision Communications and the WNYC Foundation for $45 million!

Under the deal, 'QXR would move from 96.3 FM to 103.5 FM; further, certain components connected with the New York Times would be discontinued, and WNYC would control 'QXR as a 'listener-supported' public radio station. Needless to say, I've asked my colleagues, the Quartet of the Longbeards, to e-mail Music Mountain's President, Nicholas Gordon, regarding this dire situation.

I could kvetch further, dearests, but the power in this lousy laptop is a tad limited; fortunately, I can, I hope, access YouTube if I wanna check out a cool video. But the Quest to save my Dark Chambers must still come first. I shall need some time before that mission can be properly accomplished. If I can whip ol' Stormchaser into shape --- my way --- perhaps this foolish old Mage can chalk up for himself yet another happy ending. As ever, Lords and Ladies, stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf