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Monday, January 22, 2007

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2007: Still More Pre-Nominations Thoughts

So tomorrow, my dear friends, Salma Hayek will join Academy President Sid Ganis in announcing the nominees for the 79th Annual Academy Awards --- and a few weeks hence, we shall join Ellen DeGeneres at the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood & Highland for the telecast from whence there simply is no escape.

As I ponder these burning questions, good Mortals, I wonder if I can post everything despite the fact that I am presently battling a cold; and also I have to be a day behind, as there are personal matters requiring my immediate attention. I am forced to remain in the hovel for a day or so, which I dislike intensely, but nonetheless, one has to handle one's priorities. Let's just stop whining about how long the damn thing's gonna be; I gave up on that a long time ago. I have no wish, however, to do this and risk the usual brain-related ouchies!

But I have accepted the challenge and I will not be denied! When this Diary of Magecraft made that first commitment to bringing you the Oscars from my personal perspective, some three years ago, I knew not what I was about to step on; since then, it's been a wild, maniacal struggle --- and one that I've had to wage mostly alone. From taking notes to chronicling the final length of the telecast itself, doing the Academy Awards as I have done --- it's enough to exhaust any man, let alone New York's Unofficial Wizard!

Yet I persist because now, there's nobody else left to do it. (Harry Knowles, whose Ain't it Cool News means everything to me, would probably take up my burden, but who knows?)

So let's let the Quest begin, goodly gentles. I'll see ye Wednesday with the complete --- and I do mean COMPLETE --- Oscar Nominations List. And you WILL be tortured with the said list, so please don't bother grumbling. Any hate e-mails on this subject will be immediately deleted! End of story!

Master Blackwolf