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Sunday, July 01, 2007

So What in Merlin's Name is Wrong with this Wacky World, Anyway?

Judging by this morning's New York Post feature article on director Michael Bay and his newly-filmed approach to Hasbro's legendary Transformers Action Figures, there are, no doubt, a good many people who pretty much hate the man's guts. Herewith, some excerpts from their rants:

From one Transformers fan: "Dear Mr. Bay: There has been much hatred for you here, and everywhere else on the 'net. We hate you because we question your motives. You are a very powerful person in Hollywood, and you have been given the chance to make one of the most important movies in history."

From a fan's rant as posted on, a site for automaniacs: "That's it. Bay may just have officially ruined the whole movie for me. I'm gonna go cry in my corner now, and remember back when I was a kid, before I accidentally crushed my Optimus Prime toy with a rock."

From a co-worker, per Background Beat, which posts notices for film extras looking for work in the business: "True to his reputation, Michael Bay is a complete asshole. He yelled at me within 15 on the set, which, according to the crew, is par for the course. I'd like to see DreamWorks drop him just because he's a jerk!"

From --- by Merlin's beard! --- even Bruce Willis: "Bay woulda ruined the fourth Die Hard. Few people I know will work with him now, and I know I will never work with him again."

Bay, on his own blog, grumbles thusly: "Boy, do I get tired tired of all these lame crybabies on the 'net." Perhaps, in some ultra-sick sense, your humble Dragonmaster finds himself agreeing with the fellow. You see, dearies, it seems to me that we tend to forget (and, given Lou Lumenick's obsessive negative passion for the man, we tend to ignore as well) the obvious truth that in Michael Bay's world, there is but one law:


And clearly, you're not there to watch the acting, aren't you? And don't lie to yourselves, Mortals, because you're just as hot for pyrotechnicalism as Michael Bay is himself, and you know it. That's why Bruckheimer's movies --- and Michael Bay's movies, this one included --- makes the big bucks, baby --- and if, as ever, thou hast a problem wi' that, I can only say: Pray, sirrah: Munch 'pon me!

Master Blackwolf