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Monday, April 21, 2008

Just another Monday w/Master Blackwolf

Well, what has your Dragonmaster been up to these last few days? I sense some of you Mortals asking. Well, other than busking, battling pigeons both in mine office and in my bedchambers, getting myself unexpectedly interviewed by the free newspaper am New York concerning how Pope Benedict XVI prefers the style of shoes he likes to wear, and posing for stuff with photojournalist Chris Zedano, I'd say I've had an adequate couple of days. Nonetheless, I still have a city named New York to look after, and by Merlin's beard, I don't intend to waste words defending my town against the Forces of Nastiness! So let's have at a few nice things to say around here, and maybe we'll be able to keep things as nice and as trouble-free as Mortally possible!

My dear friend and fellow Champion of the Imagination, the Naked Cowboy, is the subject of an interview in this morning's New York Post. Among other things, it seems that my favorite Stetson-clad butt-wiggler par excellence is on his own personal quest for global domination. Believe me, I wish him well. Have I not told ye, dearests, that there is no escape from that theme song of his --- "I'm the Naked Cowboy, comin' to a town near you........" Well, as he has already come to mine own neck of the woods, and since I consider him to be a dear, close friend, I hope he'll have a better chance at taking over the world than Madonna did! (Heh-heh!)

Anywho, enough nonsense for now. As it is another routine Monday, I shall now indulge in a little bit of goofing off before I have to haul me butt back to Bethesda upon the morrow, as it will be a nice day. So if you'll kindly excuse me........

Master Blackwolf