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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Pre-Medieval Festival Thoughts

So here we are, dear Mortals, on the eve of of our Silver Anniversary Medieval Festival @ Fort Tryon Park! And I must tell you, dear friends, this promises to be a stellar event to say the least! When the Festival --- and, I suppose, my Mortal-born alter ego, Master Richard --- were young pups in time of yore --- 'twas Dr. Madeleine Pelner Cosman who didst rule our tiny, free-for-all little Kingdom as its first and most noblest of Monarchs. She would never stop letting us know what would happen next, and she would eagerly chat with her subjects, both young and old.

More recently, the Darmstadt and van Housen families took it 'pon themselves to assume the Royal Duties. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Darmstadt would call themselves Don Tomas and Lady Anne of Sussex (they still do today); whereas Mr. and Mrs. Jacob van Housen would call themselves Henry VIII and Lady Victoria. Sadly, as you and I now know, last year, Edie van Housen passed away; and presently, I am not sure if Jacob is prepared to return for this year's Festival.

Happily, we have two new Monarchs to assume the Festival's unclaim'd Thrones. They are Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smythe, and they come to us from Albany, where Walter works for the New York State Labor Department. As King Tiberias and Queen Sybella of Jerusalem, the Smythes are fantastically elegant, and more, they take their Royal roles very seriously. Which is proper explanation enough for His Majesty's occasional responses to my charming e-mails to him.

And that further reminds me: even as I type, Albany's Cathedral of All Saints is abuzz with the sounds of Royalty, for Konrad and Brenwen are officially taking their Thrones to become King and Queen of the SCA's Eastern Kingdom! When I met Konrad and Brenwen last year, they ruled the East for just one day; now, they are to be King and Queen of the East for real! Huzzah!

Sadly, this will be my next-to-last official public appearance for the year, as I now have absolutely nothing on my schedule between now and the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade! That's where you'll see me taking part in the Children's version, led by the NYU Bagpipe Band and the NYU Violet Wildcats and their Cheerleaders, followed of course by the more ribald Big Halloween Parade, with over 100,000 marchers venting their frustrations, exhibiting their silly stuff and being a tad naughty on occasion. Not too naughty, of course, as the Parade does air LIVE on NY1 (Blarst that wretched George Whipple!).

As for Lordi, your Dragonmaster's Official Rock Band has been a bit sneaky. Seems Mr. Lordi had to do a bit powwowing in Hollywood with a pal of his, to start laying the brickwork, as it were, for the Monstericans' next album, scheduled to come out next year. I've already e-mail'd the Big, Burly Demon re where Team Lordi will be spending their Halloween; I've already kvetched about Elvira, Mistress of the Dark pretty much abandoning the Halloween Parade, to say nothing about yours truly having to go it alone --- again! --- and, oh, I could go on and on and on!

But I'm starting to bore you Mortals to death now, so methinks I'd best shut up. I'll see you lot at Fort Tryon; as ever, may Fortune favor the foolish!

Yours as ever,

Master Blackwolf