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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why Your Dragonmaster Will Never Do Myspace!

A while back, I overheard someone say how there had been one or two complaints about people checking out (you will note that I am deliberately NOT linking thither, for the obvious reasons, which I shall make clear to you in a moment). I secretly panicked, and with good reason.

Earlier this year, someone e-emailed your Dragonmaster with the idea that I should market and advertise my Dark Chambers website through; though I did manage to kick the tires of that site around for a bit, it soon dawned upon me that I could not master Myspace according to the way I wanted it; in the end, I decided to disassociate meself from Myspace. As it turned out, the timing could not have been more perfect.

In recent weeks, as you all know, a series of controversies has erupted around Myspace and its alleged uses by certain undesirable Mortals. Had I made a further attempt to master Myspace, I am now sure that the results would have proven disastrous for myself as well as my reputation. You see, as a family-friendly Wizard, I made the commitment a long time ago to devote myself to matters of interest to children and pre-teens with 'Wizard savvy;' to tarnish that reputation would be detrimental to everything I stand for.

In developing mine own personal Code of Conduct, I do my darndest to live up to everyone's moral standards, mine own included. If, at times, I tend to come off as harsh and brutal, I hope you goodly gentles won't be too offended; that's just me voicing mine opinions fearlessly. I've never forgotten my promise to you Mortals that, as New York's Unofficial Wizard, I will make every effort to respect everyone's beliefs --- and believe me, I'll do whatever it takes to live up to that promise!

Having said all that, know this: Myspace is, simply put, dangerous. DO NOT attempt to visit there unless you are properly prepared to master its secrets.

Such is the word of Blackwolf the Dragonmaster!