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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blackwolfian Award Rant!

Well, thanks a whole bloody lot, dick clark productions! You and NBC, not to mention the expletive deleted Writers' Guild West, have not only ruined ol' Blackwolf's plans for awards season by canceling your alleged telecast of the Golden Globe Awards, but you've done possible potential damage to the entire sequence of events which very likely would have followed .... and worse, Oscar may be next!

Y'know, I torture myself around this time as the only Wizard capable of inflicting 'pon me fanbase what the Mortals call "Hollywood savvy" --- which is to say, in Tinseltown, you either have it or you don't. Well, obviously the dum-dums of dick clark productions don't --- and now, I have to turn certain idiots into toads! As our Exalted Father of Magecraft, Merlin, didst rant in Disney's The Sword in the Stone: "Everything complicated! One big, Medieval mess!" Well, now, it's up to ol' Blackwolf, as usual, to completely find a way to uncomplicate things around here! Who in La-La Land do I have to complain to, other than censored Dr. Phil, to get everybody to cooperate around here?!?!

Y'see, this is what happens when forces work against you for no bloomin' good reason. As I have always told you, dearies, you do, and you do, and you do, and just when it seems that you've done enough, along comes another blarsted Gordian knot to stand in your way. Well, enough is enough! It's time for this old Dragonmaster to strike back! How I'll go about doing so, I know not, you just stay tuned; I'll think of something. In the meantime, please exercise ye olde patience thingie with yours truly, as I attempt to subdue that which sadly passes for my raging against the apparent dying of the light!

Those, however, who feel the need to give your humble Wizard a proper hug may do so at mine usual e-mail addresses: and Thank you.

Master Blackwolf