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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blackwolf's 2011 Oscar Preview

Well, Mortals, in case you weren't up to speed, there is chaos to share with you concerning the 83rd Annual Academy Awards: First of all, me old pal Don Mischer has joined forces with another veteran producer, Bruce Cohen, to oversee the February 27th telecast, staged as usual at the Kodak Theatre, and airing on ABC (natch!); and they've decided to bring in two rookies to serve as your hosts: James Franco and Anne Hathaway. (Oh yeah: Don will also be in the booth as telecast Director.)

Don and Bruce are of the notion that James and Anne "personify the next generation of Hollywood icons --- fresh, exciting and multi-talented. We hope to bring you an Oscar telecast that will both showcase their incredible talents that can entertain the world on Sunday evening, February 27th. And we're thrilled that James and Anne will join forces with our brilliant creative team to do just that."

This will be only Mr. Franco's second Oscar appearance; Ms. Hathaway will be on the show for the fifth consecutive time. Steve Bass joins the team as Production Designer; Danette Herman returns as Coordinating Producer; Douglass M. Stewart, Jr. will be in charge of film sequences and segment packages; Bob Dickinson will be on hand as Lighting Designer; Bruce Vilanch will lead the writing squad; with other veterans of the team to be determined.

Four icons of the cinema have been given their previously announced awards during the 2nd Annual Academy Governors' Awards, which Don Mischer also produced. They are:

Sir Kevin Brownlow, London-based preeminent film historian, preservationist and documentarian.

Jean-Luc Godard, French filmmaker and iconoclast, who has already stated that he will not attend this year's ceremony; however, the award was accepted by Academy President Tom Sherak, and will be delivered at a later date to Monsieur Godard's home in Geneva, Switzerland.

Eli Wallach, 91-year-old character actor, and current elder statesman amongst Hollywood's elite.

And finally, the Irving Thalberg Memorial Award has been bestowed upon ol' Zoetrope himself, Francis Ford Coppola, he of the Godfather Trilogy, Apocalyse Now, The Cotton Club, Peggy Sue Got Married, etc. With the Thalberg under his belt, Coppola now joins fellow Rebels Steven Spielberg and George Lucas as the three filmmakers of our generation to be given this proud honor.

OK, kids, now you know enough to go on with. More Oscar coverage to follow, assuming I can find a proper place to watch the show.

Master Blackwolf