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Monday, September 03, 2007

Back in the ol' Diary Again --- and a few Pre-Talk Like a Pirate Thoughts, too!

Well, now --- it feels good to be writing in the ol' Diary of Magecraft again --- and on Labor Day, to boot!

I trust everybody who has done so has managed to make a significant contribution to the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon; if you've not done so, you can still do it even after the program has concluded. Anyway. Some things to think about, as we go counting down to International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007:

Ever since Ol' Chumbucket and Mad Sally did Wife --- OK, Wench Swap --- your humble Dragonmaster has been after the Baur and Summers families to commit to making a Pyrate Guys Movie; I think everyone will still get a thrill out of that "I'm a Pirate" song the boys and Master Chumpail sing on YouTube.

In any case, one of the reasons Talk Like a Pirate Day has been so successful is that, let's face it, Pirates are cool. No question about it. Even I, Master Blackwolf, having been previously shanghaied by Pirates, can't help but fall in love with the little demons. Indeed, your Dragonmaster's parent company, Electric Pirates Entertainment, has, in its 23-year history, done most of the right thing and been on the cusp of Pirate history ---- predicting the moments that mights prove popular for the Pirate world at large; and being there when the world was ready for stuff Piratical and what not!

Still, I only wish that someone could put on DVD the one Pirate movie that hasn't really come out on DVD. That would be the movie that started everything for my Mortal-born alter ego Master Richard --- Roman Polanski's PIRATES. Let's face it, mateys: Those scurvy divils won't do it: Roman won't let them, the fools! In any case, I just think that there will be a future for Pirates on television. Just not on broadcast TV, alas. Ah, me.

But in the meantime, I do hope Cap'n Slappy, Ol' Chumbucket an' Mad Sally continue to make Pirate magic for all the rest of us scurvy landlubbers. 'Nuff said. Aargh!

Master Blackwolf