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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard: A Preview

By Merlin's beard, I feel so lucky to have bumped into Stephen Steinberg and his company, Eternal Damnation Productions! Here are filmmakes who clearly are compatible with your Dragonmaster's likes and dislikes, beliefs, philosophies, etc. Anyway, they have set out to follow me for the remainder of my journeys both in and out of the vicinity of Bethesda Fountain, along with the rest of my usual haunts. (Oh yeah, did I also mention I'm co-executive producing the documentary as well?)

The adventure is entitled Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard, and while it's not yet the vision of Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's First Movie that I had originally hoped for, I can say that it comes pretty damn well close! Ha ha! The title is a direct quote from the fresh hound, the day I bopped him on the noggin, that he might know some sense and manners, even if he be the Insult Comic Dog!

Stephen, along with his producer, Miss Christine Figueroa, have sought to capture the full method to Blackwolf's weirdness, in a bid to learn what makes this old Wizard tick. Be a dear, won't you, and have a look at the teaser trailer for yourselves!