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Friday, June 20, 2008

Further Remarks on the 2008 Mermaid Parade

Just when it seemed that this year's Coney Island Mermaid Parade couldn't get any stranger, I have just learned that Savitra D, swain of Reverend Billy, Founding Minister of the Church of Stop Shopping, has decided to go on a hunger strike until this Tuesday's scheduled meeting of the Coney Island Development Corporation (CIDC), to be held at the Lincoln High School Auditorium in Brooklyn. Savitra, Queen Mermaid to Billy's King Neptune, have been chosen to reign over this year's festivities in part to plug their documentary film, What Would Jesus Buy?

From your Dragonmaster's perspective, these events have become nothing more and nothing less than a call to war. Basically, my colleagues in Imagination will likely attend Tuesday night's gathering; DZ, however, has already made his decision to resign from CIDC. Several of my fellow Champions of the Imagination will have by now learned of the aftermath of tomorrow afternoon's Parade; as for your humble Dragonmaster, I have lost sleep for the past several nights worrying over this. As you know, I will be joining Debbie D, the Brown-hair'd Mermaid for what I believe will be my 4th year of doing this Parade regularly; I, too, wonder how long it will be before she and I wind up being, say, presented by Snapple?

Believe me, Mortals: Were there e'er a time to wage the proverbial battle of wills, this is most certainly the time to do so. Hopefully, I will let you all know what happens Wednesday.......

Master Blackwolf

An Open Letter to His Holiness, the Guru Pitka

Greetings, Master Pitka!

First, let me introduce myself. I am Blackwolf, Dragonmaster of the Grand High Istari, and Unofficial Wizard of New York City. There are those, Master Pitka, who would describe your just-released movie adventure to be unfunny. I, sir, would tell these twits that I had much laughter about me Wizardly person --- which is to say, I enjoyed your adventure immensely, and found it as merry and as wise as one could ever hope! Huzzah! unto you, good sir!

Know, then, that your movie is worth seeing; those who would suggest otherwise are deserving of a zap or two from yours truly. Like you, I believe in doing things that would make others feel tingly and alive! This was my Mortal-born alter ego Master Richard's ideal some 23 years ago --- that would be July 1986, Mortal-reckoning --- when he founded your humble Dragonmaster's parent company, Electric Pirates Entertainment. Its mission: " seek out the weird, the wild, and the misunderstood in all facets of the entertainment community...." And I have no doubt, sir, that you are one who fulfills that promise wholeheartedly!

Let those imbeciles mutter all they want, Sri Pitka! I, for one, would rather turn these fools into toads! I eagerly await the publication of your first official tome of knowledge, good sir! May thy karma remain huge!

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf

P.S.: If you wish to respond to my remarks, you may do so by contacting either or Looking forward to hearing from ye! Huzzah!