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Monday, April 03, 2006

Predictions on a Monday Dawn!

Good morning, Mortals!

Well, Katie Couric jumping ship from NBC's Today Show to the CBS Evening News is all but a done deal. So, here's what I see happening:

Ann Curry would now join Matt Lauer at home base for the first half-hour of Today, leading to the unanswered question of who would succeed Ann at the newsdesk. But more importantly, NBC would now need to do a new deal with Macy*s, under which Al Roker would not only become sole host, but also executive produce, the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade telecast, which would, in principle, continue to be made by Brad Lachman Productions. This would give Al Roker Productions additional status with Macy*s East Television.

Yes, I know what you're saying: Macy*s East Television doesn't exist as a division of Macy*s East, Inc.! Well, you Mortals don't know Robin Hall the way I have to come to know him. Even as I speak, he and his minions are working behind the scenes, making their plans for the live telecast --- making every connection possible so that Santa's Herald Square arrival for 2006 goes as smoothly as one would expect it. Further, the finishing touches are even now being completed for Macy*s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, which I further predict will be hosted by that oh so odious Ryan Seacrest (ick!).

Well, those be ol' Blackwolf's predictions. Nostradamus I ain't (recently, I've been telling everyone how bad a guesser I am anyway), but if I've nailed some of these, you know where to send your comments:

Master Blackwolf