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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Unexpected Comedy, Expected Wizard: Blackwolf @ Comix

I have little if any doubt that my presence in New York has had a history of giving certain Mortals 'the funiiest looks,' but as the crew of the comedy club Comix now realize, laughter can come from the most unexpected places. Last night, in case you don't know, Liam McEneaney hosted an evening of comedy entitled "Tell Your Friends: We'll Kick Cancer's Butt!," the idea, as you have now just discovered, being to raise funds for the Leukemia/Lymphona Society of America. As Fate (and the High Istari, of course) would have it, Robert Smigel and dearest Poopstar --- a/k/a Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog --- were among those Liam had asked to show up. And, no doubt, one element was missing from the silliness. That, as you may also have guessed by now, was yours truly, your dear and humble Dragonmaster.

Smigel and moi spent all of yesterday morning e-mailing ideas for our segment back and forth; I am proud to say that the resulting eight or so minutes had the crowd in stitches. It almoost didn't happen, though, because at first the manager and bouncer could not imagine that a fellow with a big backpack on top of him could in fact be no less than New York's Unofficial Wizard. Well, I ended up having to take my costume and robes out of the bag in question (a rather self-humiliating experience, I must say); but by the time Smigs showed his face, matters were smoothly ironed out, and before long we were led backstage.

Now, meeting up with Caroline Rhea, John Oliver, Kristen Schaal, Todd Barry and Eddie Brill --- I have to say these good people know the healing power of laughter! A few musical interludes were provided by the members of A Brief View of the Hudson, a delicious new local group; and Jessica Flores was the event co-producer.

For my segment with the fresh hound, we settled on a slightly twisted remake of "Cats are Cunts" from the Come Poop w/Me album. Given how fast Robert and I whipped our script into proper shape, I would like to say we might have beaten Conan O'Brien at his own game! My only wish, though, was that someone had bothered to film the event, or at least, put the thing on YouTube; as it turned out, the Comix folks charge you $32 if you want a DVD of your segment. (Cash or credit card only, please.) Anywho, maybe now, the Comix folks will be a bit nicer to this foolish old Mage. Hell, I may even let them invite me to their next evening! (Heh-heh!)

I can't wrap up this latest entry in my fabulous Diary of Magecraft without acknowledging a fact that I have wrestled with for some time now. With my adventures at Comix having properly concluded, I can now let it out: Your Dragonmaster is at war with Wikipedia.

For some time after my various adventures with Triumph, I soon found myself, if only briefly, on the free encyclopedia of the Web, Wikipedia. I mean, c'mon: the fresh hound and the Come Poop w/Me album get Wikipedia entries; then, after a while, the higher-ups at Wiki think I'm not even cool enough to merit an entry into their little online rag? Well, lemme just say this about that:

Why you Wikitwits even decided to delete me from your bloomin' rag is beyond me. I hear our sister site, KringleQuest, has been de-listed from Wiki's entry for Santa Claus: The Movie (which was also Master Richard's idea!). Well, it becomes apparent that somebody doesn't wanna play nice with your Dragonmaster. And, as ever, you know it ain't a great idea to be on Blackwolf's bad side. I have very long memories of those who have dared to do me wrong; and you know, too, that I make a big deal about it if I have to!

And if you are interested in learning my full backstory, the website was able to salvage bits and pieces from the original Wiki article I'd written for meself. Here's the link:

Master Blackwolf