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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The War on Growing Up: Some Comments

The time has come, dearests, to realize that there is a fine line that exists between adulthood and childhood. While Victor Herbert's Babes in Toyland explicitly stated that "once you cross [Toyland]'s borders, you can never return again," what wasn't told to you was what happens when indeed you are forever separated from childhood.

You know by now that your Dragonmaster is not one to mince words, so let me make it as clear as mortally possible: From the moment you cease and/or renounce any and all ties to the child you once were, at first you find you are able to accept the challenges that one often associates with growing up. But with each passing year, the older you become, the deeper your feelings of despair, regret and bitterness tend to color one's thinking to a potentially dangerous extent.

I have seen such behavior befall far too many Mortals in my many travels; alas, not even Master Richard is immune to it, for he too has had to wage this battle. Well, there's a time to know when to declare war on growing up; and so, in the spirit of my fellow Champion of the Imagination, Patrick Barnes, The Oddist, a/k/a the Invincible Bunnyman, I am forced to make that declaration here.

To grow up means to risk throwing aside all the things in your life that you've ever believed in .... to risk renouncing all the things you have long held sacred .... to cast aside all that has made you the person that you are .... to risk not following your heart .... and frankly, my dears, those are risks I simply will not permit myself to take. Call me selfish all you want, but I, for one, am fed up with constantly having to fight for that which matters to me the most only to be told by others that don't believe me. You who regularly read this blog know by now that I have nothing but contempt for such imbeciles, and to those malcontents, as ever, I have little else to say save Fuck you!

'Tis time, my dears, to once more rage 'gainst the dying of the light; to not go quietly into the night; to stick your head out of your windows and scream I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this anymore! If you share such beliefs as I do, may I offer ye mine congratulations, for, as Obi-wan observed of yore, thou hast taken thy first steps into a far larger Multiverse. Would ye follow my Quest, then? Then seek me out 'pon Twitter:! I'm sure you'll figure it out immediately.

Master Blackwolf